Bespoke kitchens - opening


Well, firstly, each one is individually designed to create something unique that reflects your taste, and enhances your dollhouse. No two rooms are the same, so your kitchen will be designed and built to fit YOUR room, which may have doors and windows in places that make standard layouts impossible. Many of the kitchens in the slideshow show them fitted in the rooms for which they were designed.  We build the then bring it to life with your choice of miniature accessories (With thanks to everyone who allowed us to use their photos).

Now take a look at our brochure and price listFor a chart showing all the available worktops, see here.

If your dream kitchen includes features you haven't seen in any of the kitchens on our website, please contact us with details of what you would like and we may well be able to create it for you; many of the features now part of our standard range started life as a special request from a client.

If you would like us to design a kitchen for you - or you would like us to realise your own design, please contact us here