Bespoke playscale (1:6) kitchens

We make made-to-order kitchens for Playscale (Barbie, Bratz, Blythe etc).  Most of the designs available in 1/12th scale can be made in 1/6th, with one or two exceptions (we cannot at present make a pull-out larder in 1/6th for example).

If you would like a bespoke Playscale kitchen, please email with your requirements and we will happily provide plans and quotes.


Playscale kitchens can have opening or fixed doors.  As a guide, the black and steel kitchen pictured below, with opening doors, would cost approximately £400 ready-built.  The green kitchen pictured above, with fixed doors, would cost approximately £185.  Due to the size and weight of larger Playscale kitchens, shipping has to be by courrier (guide for the black and steel kitchen appx £70 to the US).  Smaller kitchens may be sent by Airsure (guide price for green kitchen £30 to US)