This is the latest addition to the range of ELF fixed door kits, a complete modular storage system that allows you to create furniture for the whole house.  Following on from our EAZY kitchens, we introduce EAZY LIVING kits.  The units can be combined in hundreds of different ways to create units for living spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, plus offices, shops and other public spaces.  Suitable for leaving in the natural wood, they can also be painted or finished using one of a range of hi-gloss or wood-effect finishes.  For a brochure click here.

You can choose to plan your own furniture using the components section or select from the "COMBO" range of kits in a bag - everything you need to make up a specific item, such as a wardrobe, sideboard, media unit, coffee table, desk....Scroll down the left side of the website to access the correct section or for mobile/cellphone users, click on MENU again to access the sub-categories.