Malibu House kitchens

The Malibu Beach House, produced by Dolls House Emporium,  is one of the most popular modern dollhouses, and we have supplied many kitchens designed to fit this stunning property.  Below is a small sample of the possiblities.

Most of the kitchens are "L" shaped, going from the door round to the column by the sliding panel. Lynette chose to continue her kitchen to create a "U" shaped layout, deciding that she wouldn't open the sliding panel as a general rule.  

There is plenty of room for an island, and most people have chosen to add one, though Angela chose a lovely glass-topped table and cantilever chairs to enhance the light airy feel of her white kitchen.

We designed and built Lynette's kitchen using ELF opening kitchen units, while Nic built her own kitchen, using our opening kits.  Angela and Val both built their kitchens using our EAZY kits, while we built Dagmar's version using the 1-Click Split compact kitchen with an ELF range stove (the only difference from the standard version is the addition of an under-counter fridge to the left of the sink.  You can see how we developed the plan for Val's kitchen here.

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If you have an ELF kitchen in your Malibu house we would love to add a photo of it to the slideshow on this page.  Please email photos to us at